Tree species distribution in Germany

A total of about 90 tree and shrub species are found in the German forest. Four tree species are the most important ones: spruce (26%), pine (23%), beech (16%) and oak (11%) dominate the distribution of tree species to about three quarters.

A departure from conifer monocultures towards species-rich mixed forests shows the first statistically detectable results. Since the first National Forest Inventory (1986-1989), the mixed stands have significantly inclined in Germany's forests. In 2014, there were over two-thirds of the mixed forests with at least three tree species. In particular, spruce and pine pure stands have declined.

Both in government and in the corporate and private forest an increase of deciduous trees can be observed. The largest increase in area has the beech, while spruce decreased. At least 45% of the stocked forest area today are deciduous trees and on almost 55% conifers.

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