The jubilee-year 2013: 300 years of sustainability

Mining Administrator Hans Carl von Carlowitz
Kupferstich des  sächsischen Oberberghauptmanns Hans Carl von Carlowitz, dem Begründer der Nachhaltigkeit

300 years ago, in 1713, the Saxon mining chief Hans Carl von Carlowitz published his book Sylvicultura Oeconomica. His work is considered to be one of the first treatises on sustainable forest management in Germany and a starting point for the development of a forestry based on scientific principles.

Since 300 years the principle of sustainability has been a central and indispensable model for forestry. The forestry sector in Germany does not claim to have worked sustainably from the start. But it has evolved continuously for centuries. It was always on the search for optimal forest management practices to meet the particular demands of its time. Sustainability was and is the compass. Meanwhile sustainability has become a mission statement of our entire economic and social development. Therefore it was an important goal of the Jubilee Year, to talk with other industries and different social groups, especially with young people. Not to lecture, but to listen, to learn, and to develop perspectives.

The German forestry celebrated the "300th birthday" by presenting all the forest-related facts of sustainability to the public. Numerous events and competitions took place in the year 2013 and 2014. They were carried out by some 50 organizations, the forestry agencies and forest owners.