Central Events

Castle Waldthausen

March 21st '14: Financial Symposium in Waldthausen near Mainz

On March 21, the International Day of the forest, the event "Forestry meets Finance" took place in the Sparkassenakademie Schloss Waldthausen. Experts in forestry, economics and finance discussed the extent to which sustainability can be set as a role model in relation to its origin and simultaneously transferred to other economic sectors. more

Event documentation (in German language) click here.

This is Carlowitz' house in Freiberg. (photo: Kollaxo)

6th-7th February: "300 years of sustainability"

In the jubilee year "300 years of sustainability" the German Forestry Council (DFWR) has started three competitions, which should encourage young people to think about sustainable development of society in environmental, economic, social or cultural life. In a ceremony on 6th and 7th of February the winners of the Sustainability Award of the DFWR were announced. There were three categories: crafts, colleges and Green Ideas app (application software for mobile devices and mobile operating systems). The ceremony took place in Freiberg, the site where the Saxon mining chief Hans Carl von Carlowitz lived and worked.

More about the event (in German)

Gerolstein's kindergarten „Alter Markt“

Oct. 29th  '13: Joint planting of forestry and Gerolsteiner Brunnen

79 preschoolers from Gerolstein planted their "future trees" in the city forest Gerolstein in the volcanic Eifel. The hurricane Xynthia left here a bald spot in 2010 a bald spot, which is now reforested. For more information, see the press release (in German)

A video in German language can be watched here

Dr. Angela Merkel. photo: (c) FNR/DFWR (Jörg Carstensen)

April 16th '13: celebration "300 years of sustainability" in Berlin

Keynote speaker was Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel.
More information in German language can be found here.

Carlowitz-actor Markus Bölling, Andreas Padberg (Head of Forstbezirk Leipzig), photo: (c) DFWR, Doc Winkler

March 13th and 14th '13: Leipzig Book Fair

At the Leipzig Book Fair on March 13, exactly 300 years after the first publication of the Sylvicultura oeconomica, the new edition was presented by the German forestry, oekom publishing and Carlowitz society. As a part of this anniversary, the German forestry organised  a historical reading at the Natural History Museum in Leipzig on 13th of March. See also Pressefotos

from left to right: Dr. Joachim Hamberger, Prof. Klaus Töpfer, Carsten Wilke. (c) DFWR, photo: Doc Winkler

At March 14th a press conference of the German Forestry Council was held with Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer, former Federal Minister, executive director of the IASS and the Secretary General of the Council for Sustainable Development, and Dr. Günther Bachmann. Theme of press conference: "300 years of sustainability - A forest is a guiding principle for future model for ecology, economy and society".

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